Voicemail for Jill

(music video)

The music video for "Voicemail For Jill," directed by Amber Sealey, from Amanda Palmer's 2019 album There Will Be No Intermission, was released by Refinery 29.

"Abortion is really, really hard to talk about. And hard to write songs about. And even harder to make music videos about. But we did it." - Amanda Palmer

We felt like it was really important to address the very pedestrian, and also beautiful and emotionally complex, experience of what it’s like when you’re literally on your way to get an abortion. On screen that experience can be so loaded or dramatized, but we wanted to keep the visuals fairly grounded and real. What’s it like when you’re going to get an abortion and you walk past a woman with her babies? What does it feel like to be thinking about if you should terminate a pregnancy or not and at work you’re seated next to a hugely pregnant woman? It’s capturing those very important—and often very conflicting—experiences, and the duality that exists when you’re just another person sitting on the subway, and yet you’re about to go and do this thing that is often momentous for many women. We were not trying to say this experience is what it’s like for all women—everyone has their own stories, opinions and experiences surrounding abortion—but hoped to make women who have gone through it (or are going through it) not feel so alone. To know that even though they may feel alone, they are not alone… Not in their thoughts, not in their experiences, and not in their isolation. They may be traveling alone to the appointment, but energetically there are millions of women who support them and don’t judge them and have felt what they are feeling.