How to Cheat

(feature film)

Winner - Best Performance
Los Angeles Film Festival
Winner - Best Narrative
BendFilm Festival
Winner - Best Acting
BendFilm Festival

Mark’s decided to do something bad…

In this funny and honest depiction of the messiness of modern marriage, Mark and Beth are of childbearing age and inclination, but have been struggling to conceive. Beth, a woman betrayed by her own body, is matched by the awkward Mark, who feels betrayed by life. Confused and frustrated by his disappointments, he turns to online dating to shop for the perfect affair. Given his tendency to reveal his motives up front, his encounters tend to be short and ugly, until he meets the avid Louise, whose complex attitude sets them all down an unexpected path.

Amazing... laugh-out-loud hilarious... I really can’t speak highly enough about this movie.
— Huffington Post
Sealey manages to buck innumerable conventions, which makes her career worth tracking.
— indieWIRE
One of the most relevant and eloquent portraits of modern marriage to date.
— Moving Pictures Network
The acting is fearless... Sealey proves she is a writer with a distinct voice and a director with a clear vision... How to Cheat takes on some difficult questions and does not cheat us with easy answers.
— Gordon and the Whale
Dug deeper and messier, heroically past the point of comfort.
— Jury, LA Film Festival
Equal parts sexy and scary...
— LA Times
Sealey’s patient screenplay has a clean, intelligent structure that could easily become watered down for Hollywood treatment, but she defies expectations.
— indieWIRE