A Plus D

(feature film)

For Alice and Dan, it's love at first sight. It's all the rest of their relationship that they find so hard. How can they tell when it's worth holding on?

When Alice and Dan meet their connection is undeniable; it's clear they are meant to be. But are they ready for each other? Confined in their small London flat, they magnify their differences, create conflict out of nothing, and slowly tear each other down. A plus D is a raw, edgy, and intensely intimate documentary-like examination of all the aspects of their romantic and sexual involvement, unflinchingly challenging the idea of public versus private. As Alice and Dan simply try to ‘get along’ we are reminded of our own weaknesses and destructive patterns, all the while wondering: how do we know when it’s worth holding on?

Amber Sealey’s lacerating cinéma verité... the acting is fearless... See this film!
— Montreal Gazette
Fact and fiction are obliterated.. edgy, anguished, funny.. The acting is astonishing.. I thought of Cassavetes, Winterbottom...
— Gazette Movie Guide
It’s hard not to relate to this story.. A real treat.. The talent of Amber Sealey, director and star, is spectacular!
— La Presse
A powerful film!
— Arts Notebook