Amber teaches private coaching sessions and a weekly Acting Class, working with actors on:

  • character development
  • audition preparation
  • putting yourself on tape
  • scene study
  • memorization techniques
  • camera vs. stage
  • physical work
  • relaxation exercises

Amber’s coaching work is very intuitive and geared towards bringing out the greatest ease and comfort for you, the performer. She creates individually tailored exercises and techniques that work best for what you need in a particular moment for a specific job or audition, plus explorations on the overall craft of acting, and the life of being a working actor.

Amber’s training includes the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (London, UK), The Central School of Speech and Drama (London, UK), BA in Theater Arts and Modern Dance from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is also a certified Yoga Instructor.


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“I just acted in a movie written and directed by someone other than myself and I didn’t know how to prepare. I was terrified. Day by day Amber guided me through my scenes in wild, funny, perverse ways that made me feel agile and able to put my nerves to use. She addressed my fears, resistance and questions with deep compassion and a massive amount of practical experience. When I arrived on set I felt ready in the simplest sense — not burdened with a particular approach, just open and sensitive to everything inside and around me. From now on I’ll always begin by working with Amber.” — Miranda July (filmmaker, writer, actor, director of Me and You and Everyone We Know & The Future)

Working with Amber is an invaluable resource in my audition prep. She throws preconceptions out of the window, allowing you to explore your full range as an actor and craft a performance that not only works for the script but, more importantly, works for you. I would highly recommend Amber’s audition coaching to anyone looking to re-invigorate their performances and take their work to the next level!Satya Bhabha (actor, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, New Girl, Key and Peele)

Amber is a gifted, intuitive, and smart coach of actors. She has a fantastic ability to instinctually see where the work needs sharpening, and then shepherd actors there with a fantastic combination of great care and great abandon. If you want your work to be alive, impulse-driven, specific, and deeply-connected, work with Amber!Lindsay Beamish (actor, Professor of Acting at Emerson College)

Amber Sealey uses intuitive exercises to get at the meat of characters in scenes. The work she shared was wildly grounding and informed the character development so deeply. She thinks not only in terms of performance but in terms of story and arc and the result is true cinema!!!” — Josephine Decker (actor and director, Thou Wast Mild and Lovely, Butter on the Latch)

Amber is a really special kind of teacher, she works with you in really original ways. I love how direct and clear she is, and how safe I feel when she is coaching me. She gets right to the heart of the matter almost instantly, and I know my work is going to be better from working with her.” – Jennifer Lafleur (actor, Big Little Lies, The Midnight Swim, The Do-Deca-Pentathlon)

“Amber is a brilliant coach – I love working with her. She can see all your potential as an actor and an individual, and she draws a performance out of you that you never thought you could give. Her sessions always feel so specific to me and to the part – being a director and an actor gives her a real understanding of the whole process. She challenges me to be the best I can be and the response I get when people see work she’s coached me on – it makes me want always to have her with me on every audition! ” — Gemma Brockis (actor, founding member of Shunt theatre company)

“Amber is a perceptive and intuitive coach. She quickly recognized my natural talent as well as the areas I needed to improve. Amber helped me find the confidence that I needed to ‘be myself’ in any character. Her encouragement and sincere belief in me have stayed with me to this day. I wish I could work with her on everything!” — Serena Bobowski (actor, founding member of Shunt theatre company)